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Amanda Ginter
Good afternoon! My name is Amanda Ginter, and I run my own Discovery Toys home business, selling premier children's learning products. I'm organizing a project to gift young children in our city's Memorial Hospital an Easter basket containing our toys and books, as well as other treats and hygiene products. My goal is to put together 35 baskets, of which I currently have 25 sponsored! I am asking businesses such as yours to sponsor as many baskets as you can at $40 apiece or to contribute any items such as gift cards, candy, cellophane, baskets, etc. Currently we've had donations from Mill Mountain Zoo, Homestead Creamery, Dillon's Hot Dogs and More, Little Debbie, and more! I would love to add you to our list of wonderful sponsors! Each basket given will also include a list of our business sponsors. Please let me know what you think, or please tell me who I need to contact. Thank you so much for your time. Amanda Ginter Discovery Toys senior consultant (540)314-5113 panda240
Matthew Johnson
Not sure if new management or what but i feel like quality of the sushi offered has definitely taken a dive as well as portion size. I like coming here as its close but i feel like any extra gas spent makes up for itself by going to cafe asia 2. Same prices but quality sushi and portion size are much better. Only sending this as id like the place to rebound. I came in this past saturday and the spicy tuna roll was anemic at best and one peice of tuna (ordered lunch sushi sashimi combo) was certainly not the freshest. Thanks for taking the time to read.
Kim taylor
Im less than a block away no way would i pay that muchn not to mention the basis is sushi I know they have some food that is cooked not the best but not raw either, wish wasn't the ONLY one n www ar us. Hello Jimmy johns!
Can you text and let me know if you serve sushi with brown rice? Thanks!