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Tom Lacey
Your website SUCKS!!!!!
Lindsey Stocks
Hello! My name is Lindsey Stocks and I am the Manager of Program Development for a local non-profit called Matthew's Child. We provide services free of charge to children in foster care, their biological families, and their foster families. We offer a number of resources that are utilized by all local Departments of Social Services, as well as private foster care agencies. Some of these resources include: a clothing closet, "survival kits" made up of items to provide comfort to the children the first night they come into care, Parents' Night Out opportunities that allow foster parents respite time while staff take care of children, etc. We are looking to organize an auction for fundraising purposes, set to occur on the night of Saturday, June 10th. I am reaching out to you to see if you all may be interested in donating any type of gift certificate or voucher towards that event. I am able to provide any additional information about our facility you may be interested in if need
Mary Kay Brown
Would you like to recognize a local teacher for doing a great job? PHHS is giving recognition to our fabulous staff at our holiday party on Dec. 10. We are looking for community donations to award our dedicated staff. Would you consider donating a gift card for this special evening? If so, I can stop by to pick it up at your convenience, just let me know!! Thank you for helping us recognize our great staff!!
Megan C.
It takes a lot to piss me off at a restaurant... trust me.. but we will NEVER ever be going back to Cafe Asia on 460. I wanted on thing on the menu with Spicy California, spicy tuna, spicy salmon roll. I asked if I could switch the salmon roll for a philadelphia roll that was in the option of 3 rolls right under this option that was priced the same. The waitress said they could not make this change. So then I ordered just a Philadelphia roll and a California roll and asked the California roll to be spicy.... She again told me that they could not do a spicy roll but they could give me a side of the spicy sauce (tobiko sauce). As I ate my first piece of sushi the rice tasted old and was the WORST sushi I have ever had. I ate four pieces of each and stopped... not worth it! Then got our bill and was charged for the side sauce!!! As we were leaving we heard a lady next to us complaining also about what she was brought as she wanted Sashimi and soup. She got cooked fish in her s