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Megan C.
It takes a lot to piss me off at a restaurant... trust me.. but we will NEVER ever be going back to Cafe Asia on 460. I wanted on thing on the menu with Spicy California, spicy tuna, spicy salmon roll. I asked if I could switch the salmon roll for a philadelphia roll that was in the option of 3 rolls right under this option that was priced the same. The waitress said they could not make this change. So then I ordered just a Philadelphia roll and a California roll and asked the California roll to be spicy.... She again told me that they could not do a spicy roll but they could give me a side of the spicy sauce (tobiko sauce). As I ate my first piece of sushi the rice tasted old and was the WORST sushi I have ever had. I ate four pieces of each and stopped... not worth it! Then got our bill and was charged for the side sauce!!! As we were leaving we heard a lady next to us complaining also about what she was brought as she wanted Sashimi and soup. She got cooked fish in her s
Dianna Ordway
A Friendly Reminder...Revised Schedule Due To Mother Nature....Last Chance to Register & Take the ServSafe Mgr. Food Safety Training & Exams Near YOU! Chk out 4 classes coming soon near U! ROA, VA 10/13, DHAM, NC 10/14, BOONE 10/17 & MORE
Beverly Pizza
I would like to know if you accept reservations? Specifically for July2? Around 15 people?
Hi George Bill this is the cafe Asia owner, can I have ur contact number or u can reach me at 5402062298